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Our team is a group of pioneers specializing in integration of blockchain, the Internet of Things and RFID technology. It includes Chinese and Korean business, academia and investment talents. We expand the blockchain technology into the Internet of Things, as this combination will lead the next technological revolution.

Our project has the strong support of senior blockchain developers, renowned investment institutions, prestigious lawyers, finance experts, world-class chip design experts and senior executives of China’s top tech and clothing businesses.


Do Sang Hyuk 2018-12-10

Korean, Vice Chairman of China-Korea Cultural Exchange Development Committee, Chairman of Korea NC Technology Co., Ltd., former Director of South Korea Electronic News Media Bureau, Director of ET News, Former Director of Korean Standards Association, Chairman of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Committee in Seongnam, South Korea.

Xu Fangcheng 2018-12-08

Chinese, majored in Business Management, former Director for Supply Chain Management of Septwolves Group Ltd., has rich practical experience in supply chain management and purchasing process management. Angel investor.

Senior Advisers

Kim Suk Ki 2018-12-08

Korean, one of the key persons in South Korean electronics industry, Doctor of Engineering (graduated from the University of Minnesota), previously worked at Bell Labs and Honeywell USA, served as a Vice President of Samsung Electronics, senior expert in integrated circuit design, IEEE Senior Member, Vice President of Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, Chairman of Korea Semiconductor Industry Association. Has published more than 250 academic papers and possesses more than 60 patents.

Zhu Yanping 2018-12-10

Taiwanese, Doctor of Engineering (graduated from National Cheng Kung University), Chairman of Cloud Computing & IoT Association in Taiwan. He won Taiwan Ministry of Education Youth Invention Award and Taiwan Top Ten Information Talent Award. Has deeply studied blockchain applications over the years and led a blockchain technology team to develop systems for health big data and agricultural traceability projects.

Chief Experts

Wei Songjie 2018-12-18

Chinese, Doctor of Engineering (graduated from the University of Delaware), blockchain technology expert in the field of computer network protocol and application, network and information security. Has published more than 20 papers and applied for 7 invention patents. Previously worked at Google, Qualcomm, Bloomberg and many other high-tech companies in the United States, served as R&D engineer and technical expert; has a wealth of experience in computer system design, product development and project management.

Mo Bing 2018-12-18

Chinese, PhD in Engineering, post-doctor. Research professor at Korea University, expert in the IoT, expert in integrated circuits, senior member of Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology, IEEE member. Evaluation expert of science and technology programs at Fujian Province Science and Technology Department, evaluation expert of science and technology programs at Jiangxi Province Science and Technology Department, Director of Xiamen City Integrated Circuit Association. Has presided over 10 scientific research projects, published more than 20 articles and applied for 18 invention patents. Since 2015, has been mainly engaged in research of integrated circuits and blockchain. A number of commercial chips have been successfully developed under his guidance.

Core Team

Shan Liang 2018-12-18

Chinese, graduated from KOREATECH (Korea University of Technology and Education) Mechanical Engineering Department, Venture Capital PhD, GM of Walton Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (Korea), Chinese Market Manager of NHTECH, Economics Group leader of Friendship Association of Chinese Doctoral Students in Korea.

Lin Herui 2018-12-18

Chinese, successively served as Nokia R&D Manager, Product Manager and Microsoft Hardware Department Supply Chain Director. In 2014, started to set up a number of IoT enterprises and laid out the IoT production chain. Products and services developed under his guidance are very popular.

Zhao Haiming 2018-12-18

Chinese, Doctor of Chemical Conductive Polymers at Sungkyunkwan University, core member of Korea BK21th conductive polymer project, researcher at Korea Gyeonggi Institute of Sensor, researcher at ECO NCTech Co., Ltd. (Korea), Vice President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Korea). Has been engaged in transfer of semiconductor, sensor and other technologies in South Korea.

Liu Cai 2018-12-18

Chinese, Master of Engineering, has 12 years of experience in design and verification of VLSI and a wealth of practical project experience in RFID chip design process, SoC architecture, digital-analog hybrid circuit design, including algorithm design, RTL design, simulation verification, FPGA prototype verification, DC synthesis, back-end PR, package testing, etc. Has led a team to complete the development of a variety of navigation and positioning baseband chips and communication baseband chips, finished a series of AES, DES and other encryption module designs, won the first prize of GNSS and LBS Association of China for scientific and technological progress. Expert in the consensus mechanism principle of blockchain and the related asymmetric encryption algorithm.

Yang Feng 2018-12-18

Chinese, Master of Engineering, worked at ZTE. Artificial intelligence expert, integrated circuit expert. Has 12 years of experience in VLSI research and development, architecture design and verification and 5 years of research experience in artificial intelligence and the genetic algorithm. Has won the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award. Has done an in-depth research on the principle and realization of the RFID technology, the underlying infrastructure of blockchain, smart contracts and the consensus mechanism algorithm.

Guo Jianping 2018-12-18

Chinese, Doctor of Engineering (graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong), IEEE senior member, integrated circuit expert. Has published more than 40 international journal & conference papers in the field of IC design and applied for 16 patents in China.

Huang Ruimin 2018-12-18

Chinese, Doctor of Engineering (graduated from the University of Freiburg, Germany), integrated circuit expert. Mainly explores digital signal processing circuit and system implementation, works on R&D of digital signal processing technology for a long time.

Guo Rongxin 2018-12-18

Chinese, Master of Engineering. Has more than 10 years of experience in design and development of hardware and software for embedded systems, works on R&D of RFID and blockchain in the IoT for a long time.

Huang Hongtai 2018-12-18

Chinese, Bachelor of Engineering, has five years of experience in WEB front and back-end development, develops IoT and educational information platforms for a long time. Has a strong interest in the blockchain technology.

Liu Dongxin 2018-12-18

Chinese, received an MBA at China Europe International Business School, strategic management consulting expert, investment and financing expert. Research interest: the impact of the blockchain technology on the financial sector.