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Mainnet Development

Internal optimization of mainnet and cross-chain code completed;

Security audit of mainnet, cross-chain code and software wallets by Knownsec was completed on March 21, 2019;

CertiK has successfully completed the security audit for Waltonchain, a leading blockchain project leveraging RFID technology, on September 18, 2019;

77 community members invited for mainnet & cross-chain partial open source testing.

Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet released

Waltonchain Mainnet was officially launched on March 31, 2018. After stable mining and operation for more than a year, and the successfully audit by Knownsec, as part of the preparation period for the upcoming mainnet token swap, the Waltonchain Team has released the Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet on April 24, 2019.

Public Mining on the Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet

Since its release on April 24, 2019, operation of the Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet has been stable; and public mining officially started at block #40,000. Waltonchain community miners can start mining with the updated version of WTC Wallet and browse the updated blockchain explorer.

Completion of WTCT Network Miner Payout

According to the Announcement on the Release of the Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet, Waltonchain Team took a snapshot of WTCT addresses at block #550,000 on May 11, 2019.

Waltonchain team has already completed the miner payout for ALL unredeemed WTCT up to block #550,000 at the ratio of 1 mined WTCT : 1 ERC20 WTC. Waltonchain team will no longer perform miner payouts for WTCT mined after block #550,000. Please access your ERC20 WTC according to the instructions in the announcement.

Waltonchain Mainnet Open Source

Following the release of Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet and the start of public mining, we officially announced the open source of Waltonchain mainnet. Waltonchain makes its source code public aiming to provide a more open development environment for community users and developers, attract global quality developers to optimize the mainnet functionality, bring a new digital life and realize the Value Internet of Things.

Mainnet Upgrade on June 18, 2019 (block height 149,500):

A new version of X11 ordering algorithm based on the locked block height algorithm uses fixed seed data to calculate X11 order so as to prevent cheating and realize fair mining.

Mainnet Upgrade on June 29, 2019 (block height 175,366):

· Updated PoS algorithm as below. Mining difficulty will decrease along with the increase of WTC balance in the mining address.

· Fixed malicious CoinAge exploit.

· Cancelled the WTC balance requirement for creating smart contracts.

Mainnet Upgrade on July 17, 2019 (block height 221,500):

· optimized mainnet data transmission to support higher child chain throughput; improved data transmission reliability to meet the demands of the ecosystem with numerous child chains;

· adjusted the average mainnet block generation rate to stay within 30 ± 0.5 s.

DMTC Airdrop

In recognition of the support from the Waltonchain’s global community, Walton Chain Foundation launched an airdrop of 1,700,000 DMTC (equivalent to USD 100,000) to users who hold 5,000+ WTC.


As an important part of the Waltonchain ecosystem, Waltonchain’s KIRINPOOL was officially launched on June 11, 2019.

Fee Exemption for SMN, GMN and MN:

In return for the long support from the global Waltonchain community, starting from early July 2019, KIRINPOOL will exempt SMN, GMN and MN users from pool fees. Fee for normal users remains 3%.

KIRINPOOL Upgrade (September 26, 2019):

· KIRINPOOL mining mode change from SOLO to PPLNS;

· added sub-account management;

· added hash rate curve in statistics;

· added mainnet data query.

Management back-end data optimization completed.

Waltonchain Launched SMN Cross-chain Data Management System

As an important part of the Waltonchain ecosystem, Super Master Nodes (SMN) undertake the important responsibility of cross-chain data connection and endorsement. The parent chain operation has been stable; and its source code is now public, therefore Waltonchain officially releases the SMN Cross-chain Data Management System. The existing data on blockchain is the core logistics data of Huodull which are being uploaded continuously.

Announcement on Waltonchain Mining Payout

While Waltonchain prepares for token swap, in order to ensure the timely reception of miner rewards on mainnet, shorten the ROI period and reduce mining risk, Walton Chain Foundation started ERC-20 token payout in exchange for the WTC mined by individual miners (outside KirinPool) at 1:1 ratio each Friday in Q3.

Token Swap

WTC mainnet token swap started on October 15, 2019. Exchange platforms OKEX & TAIBI and Ellipal software and hardware wallets supported mainnet WTC coins in 2019.

Huodull Child Chain

Existing data on blockchain is the core logistics information of Huodull. The main task of Huodull is to track logistics information through blockchain and obtain endorsement on the parent chain. With the launch of SMN Cross-chain Data Management System, core data of Huodull is being continuously and regularly endorsed on blockchain.

DMTC Child Chain

Hardware: installation and deployment completed in Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province, China;

Software: development of a centralized management system completed, software back-end data optimization completed.


RFID chip

Sensitivity and communication rate performance testing completed;

Antenna matching and debugging completed;

RFID consistency testing completed;

MCU OTP area evaluation competed;

Blockchain encryption algorithm optimization, power consumption reduction;

Consistency, high-low temperature, ESD, power range, sensitivity, FIB etc. testing completed; chip circuit design modification;

Digital baseband FPGA verification; chip tape-out and sample testing; chip version 2 tape-out;

Chip sample testing;

FPGA test of fullmask chip completed;

Overall performance and area optimization;

Dual-frequency tag design;

Samples of full-mask chip completed;

Application for new patents.

Fixed (Mounted) RFID Reader-Writer

Schematic diagram design and structural design;

Extensible interface added.



KIRINMINER Mall was launched on July 17. Users can enjoy the following rewards and benefits:

1. Sign up to get WTC;

2. SMN and GMN identity activation to enjoy an exclusive discount.

Flash sale of 11 KIRINMINERs for 11.11 Festival completed;

Lucky Miner event on Nov. 18 — 20 completed.

Blue Paper

· WTA App released officially on November 29, 2019;

· Mainnet WTC token swap in WTA App for normal users ongoing.

Software and Hardware Integrated Projects

Bamboo Wallet

Sold out and shipped;

Running environment updated, added support of mainnet WTC.

RFID Handheld Reader-Writer:

SMT patch preparation;

10 pcs patching completed; RD board debugging;

Structural design optimization, 3D printing and assembly verification;

Main board function verification and new screen driver optimization;

Mainboard optimization and structural optimization.


Online testing completed;

Batch 1 of 200 KIRINMINERs sold out and shipped;

Batch 2 optimization and manufacturing;

Sales and shipping of KIRINMINER Batch 2.

Firmware upgrade v5-12:

· KIRINMINER instability solved;

· encrypted access to KIRINMINER and KIRINMINER Monitor System adjusted.

Firmware upgrade v6-0:

Stability improvement

Blockchain Data Collection Terminal:

PCB design completed;

Sample debugging completed;

EMI testing completed;

ZigBee and Bluetooth functions added;

Installation and deployment completed in Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province, China;

Cost-reduction design and development;

Gateway hardware version changed to support connection with sensors;

Cloud server interface debugging completed.

Campus Information Verification System

System deployment completed; waiting for oracle database debugging and data docking with Neusoft.

Smart Cabinet System

Development of smart voice interaction, face recognition, display and touch integration completed;

Mixing elimination and 4MIC debugging of the smart voice interaction hardware completed;

Acceptance by Laofengxiang passed;

Commercialization planning.


In 2019, Walton Chain Foundation spent 5,143,902 WTC. As of December 31, 2019, the Foundation balance is 10,762,547 WTC.

Ecosystem development and project incubation

0x309a272885bdeA62d99c4E32E40bEe93A3cCef6a: 1,307,206 WTC

Technology R&D

0xE12E727deE902CBB27227F924003Dd421210cBB5: 890,000 WTC


0x188616e2D481d17190655B8112250912139fB118: 1,261,000 WTC


0x511fb75A1E1526A3732a49e90d35D84d785f4F1B: 872,505 WTC


0x2B2267eCb305f81573058487f64393BA03191d80: 136,350 WTC


0xa3fb24D930C89eaB1ad7B8149dbaA9c99a029251: 676,841 WTC

BD & Operations:

The number of exchanges listing WTC reached 40+;

17 new cooperation partners:

1. Ascent Networks

2. Korea Blockchain Startup Association


4. K-FiNNeT


6. China Securities Administration Institute (South Korea)

7. Shougang LangzaTech

8. Neusoft Group


10. V Currency Group (Japan)

11. Blockcloud

12. IntelliShare (INE)

13. Smart C&I

14. Polo Multimodal Pecém

15. Geeks Academy


17. TagBrazil

Waltonchain Global Autonomous Node Manager Recruitment Program released, 40+ community nodes set up;

Waltonchain listed in NYSE parent company ICE Data Services’ Cryptocurrency Data Feed;

Waltonchain awarded Top 10 Innovative Enterprises Award at Shenzhen 2019 Global Digital Innovation Conference;

IOT Technology listed in the 1st batch of China’s Registered Blockchain Information Service Providers;

Waltonchain System Architecture diagram released;

Waltonchain Business Process diagram released;

Waltonchain Appreciation Logic: Smart Retail released;

Waltonchain’s First Global Smart Retail Application Child Chain DMTC Launched;

Walton Chain Foundation and DMTC Foundation Token Exchange;

Waltonchain and DMTC Parent-child Chain Token Exchange;

SMN Reference Rewards distributed:

2,600 WTC and additional 60 WTC rewards have been distributed for each effective SMN reference at 23:59:59 (UTC+08:00) on April 18, 2019. Thanks for your continued support and trust in Waltonchain!

WTC trading gala on Huobi Global:

On May 30, Huobi Global has launched the WTC/USDT trading pair. In order to celebrate a series of great news of Waltonchain’s Open Source of the Fully Operational Mainnet, the sold-out first batch of KIRINMINER and the launch of Waltonchain’s agriculture application child chain DMTC, Waltonchain joined hands with Huobi Global to hold the WTC Trading Gala from 18:00 on May 30, 2019 till 18:00 on June 6, 2019 (UTC+8). Waltonchain supporters were able to join the deposit and trading competition events for the opportunity to win a total of 29,000 WTC.

Huobi Chat Live AMA:

On May 31, Waltonchain held a Huobi Chat Live AMA to assist in the KIRINMINER and mainnet promotion and provide a better understanding of the Waltonchain project for Huobi Investors. More than 20,000 investors participated.

Binance Live AMA:

On June 12, 2019, Waltonchain held an AMA session in Binance official Telegram community. Total 1,518 users participated in the Waltonchain quiz, 780 of which provided correct answers and shared 2,000 WTC rewards.

Launch Ceremony of Waltonchain’s First Global Smart Retail Application Child Chain DMTC:

On May 18, the launch ceremony of Waltonchain’s first global smart retail application child chain DMTC was successfully launched in Shekou, Shenzhen. Influencers, government officers, DMTC foundation leaders and media in the fields of agriculture, retail and blockchain attended.

Joint Hosting of the Blockchain Mainstream Ecological Alliance Conference with IntelliShare:

On June 29, Waltonchain, IntelliShare (INE) and other mainstream blockchain projects jointly held the Blockchain Mainstream Ecological Alliance Conference. The theme of the conference was “New Forces, New Consensus and New Trends”. It aimed to gather forces for construction of a new blockchain ecosystem and new blockchain organizational form through integration of mainstream strengths of the blockchain industry. The conference attracted a large number of blockchain project and investment agency representatives, nearly 100,000 online viewers and coverage by multiple blockchain media.

Waltonchain Team Token Airdrop and Burn Planthe trigger conditions were not reached and the plan ended on January 18, 2020:

Based on the current R&D progress as well as confidence and firm determination to achieve the vision of Waltonchain, the Waltonchain team decided to give more than a half of the team’s locked-up 10,000,000 WTC to the community through a series of airdrops and burns. The total airdrop and burn amount would have been 5,200,000 WTC.

Waltonchain Joined the SlowMist Zone and Launched a Vulnerability Bounty Program with a Maximum Reward of $10,000:

In order to further improve the public blockchain ecosystem defense index, Waltonchain entered the SlowMist Zone and launched the Security Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Bounty Program. The highest reward for finding serious vulnerabilities is $10,000!

Waltonchain Announced WTC Buyback and Burn Plan; Round 001 Completed:

On July 30, 2019, Waltonchain team announced the USD 50 million long-term WTC buyback and burn plan to promote the sustainable development of the Waltonchain ecosystem. The Waltonchain ecosystem comprises KIRINMINER, KirinPool, child chains, chips (RFID, IR), Waltonchain Box, etc. The Waltonchain team plans to take out a part of the Waltonchain ecosystem income to buy back and burn WTC.

Round 001 was performed on August 15 — 23, 2019. The total of 8,539.5 WTC was bought back, 49,899.9 TUSD were sent out, and 108,539.5 WTC were burnt.

On August 29, 2019, Waltonchain held online AMA for Blockchain + Smart Agriculture Platform in Waltonchain Official Telegram.

Waltonchain Participated in The 5th Shenzhen International Modern Green Agriculture Expo:

On August 29 — 31, Silictec supported by Waltonchain and DMTC participated in The 5th Shenzhen International Modern Green Agriculture Expo to exhibit smart agriculture management system, traceability solution, traceability equipment, etc.

Waltonchain Participated in Smart City Alliance Forum 2019:

On Sep. 3, Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing delivered a speech Policies & Opportunities in China-Korea Smart City Cooperation at Smart City Alliance Forum 2019 held in South Korea to explore and create new business solutions through cooperation between private enterprises and institutions.

Government Officials from the Ministry of Commerce and SEC of Cambodia Visited Waltonchain:

In the afternoon of September 13, 2019, H.E. Buon Sarakmony, Vice Minister of Commerce of Cambodia, H.E. Sou Socheat, Chairman of SEC of Cambodia, and H.E. Seang Thirith, Vice Chairman of SEC of Cambodia, visited Waltonchain. Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing presented Waltonchain’s chips, sensors and other hardware devices to the Cambodian representatives, and showed the convenient shopping experience of the Smart Micromarket. The technical and operational capabilities of Waltonchain were highly praised by the Cambodian representatives; and the two sides reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

Waltonchain Participated in China-Brazil Seminar on Innovation in Services and Commerce as a Keynote Speaker:

In the afternoon of September 12, 2019, the 1st China-Brazil Seminar on Innovation in Services and Commerce was held in Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil, where Waltonchain Brazil CEO Ling Jianbo delivered a speech.

Waltonchain Kirin Mascot Naming Bounty Launched:

Hundreds of creative names of the mascot were received from community supporters. KiWa won the excellence award after voting.

Walton Blockchain Institute Was Renamed to Korea Blockchain Institute:

Since 2018, Walton Blockchain Institute has participated in many blockchain talent training projects supported by South Korea government, including the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSICT), the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Seoul municipal government and Seocho District government etc. In response to the demand in blockchain talents in Industry 4.0, at the end of September 2019, Walton Blockchain Institute obtained formal authorization from MSICT to rename to Korea Blockchain Institute for better development.

LOVEONLY INC. and Waltonchain signed a cooperation agreement to promote the development of the diamond traceability ecosystem;

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) listed Waltonchain child chain Huodull and Silictec subsidiary Yiwan Site in the 2nd batch of Registered Blockchain Information Service Providers;

WTA pre-mining for SMN and GMN holders completed;

EMBA entrepreneurs visited Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silictec to communicate on application of Blockchain + IoT solutions;

Prof. Kim Suk Ki (Waltonchain Senior Consultant & Former VP of Samsung Electronics) delivered a speech at The 3rd Taiwan Strait Elite Talent Festival and was awarded the Certificate of High Level Talents for Overseas Talents;

Mo Bing delivered a speech at Shenzhen Blockchain & Distributed Storage Conference Expo 2019;

Mo Bing visited Stokado Global Launch Conference in Macao;

Korea Blockchain Institute held a graduate ceremony for trainees of the 2019 Intensive Development of Innovative Young Talents course;

Software Director Mr. Yin participated in the meeting for formulation of China’s National Blockchain Standard in Shenzhen;

Medical Waste Supervision Platform built by Silictec’s subsidiary Xiamen IOT Technology and Neusoft HIFLY was exhibited at The 2nd China Hospital Internet of Things Conference 2019;

TagBrasil visited Waltonchain to discuss Blockchain + IoT cooperation in Brazil;

Deputy Secretary of Shandong Province Government and leaders from several universities visited Korea Blockchain Institute for promotion of blockchain education in Shandong Province;

Government officials from Huanggu District, Shenyang City visited Shenzhen Blockchain Industry Alliance (SZBIA) and Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silictec to learn about Blockchain + IoT solutions;

Mo Bing delivered a speech at the 2019 Nanshan Blockchain Application Association Annual Seminar held in Shenzhen;

Delegation from Foshan Municipal Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association visited Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silictec to learn about Blockchain + IoT solutions to empower real economy;

Waltonchain’s Christmas event on OKEx (Dec. 18 — 25) completed;

Mo Bing delivered a speech at the meeting of Shenzhen Blockchain Industry Alliance (SZBIA) held on Dec. 27.