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General maintenance ongoing

Bamboo Wallet

Running environment updated, added support of mainnet WTC


Management back-end data optimization ongoing


Flash sale of 11 KIRINMINERs for 11.11 Festival completed

Lucky Miner event on Nov. 18–20 completed

Blue Paper

WTA App released officially

Mainnet WTC token swap in WTA App for normal users ongoing

Smart Cabinet System

1. Development of smart voice interaction, face recognition, display and touch integration completed

2. Mixing elimination and 4MIC debugging of the smart voice interaction hardware completed

3. Acceptance by Laofengxiang passed

4. Commercialization planning started



1. Samples of full-mask chip completed

2. Application for new patents

3. Dual-frequency tag design ongoing

Blockchain Data Collection Terminal

1. Gateway hardware version changed to support connection with sensors

2. Cloud server interface debugging ongoing

RFID Mounted Reader-Writer

Extensible interface added

BD & Operations

1. LOVEONLY INC. and Waltonchain signed a cooperation agreement to promote the development of the diamond traceability ecosystem

2. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) listed Waltonchain child chain Huodull and Silictec subsidiary Yiwan Site in the 2nd batch of Registered Blockchain Information Service Providers

3. WTA pre-mining for SMN and GMN holders completed

4. EMBA entrepreneurs visited Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silictec to communicate on application of Blockchain + IoT solutions

5. Prof. Kim Suk Ki (Waltonchain Senior Consultant & Former VP of Samsung Electronics) delivered a speech at The 3rd Taiwan Strait Elite Talent Festival and was awarded the Certificate of High Level Talents for Overseas Talents

6. Mo Bing delivered a speech at Shenzhen Blockchain & Distributed Storage Conference Expo 2019

7. Mo Bing visited Stokado Global Launch Conference in Macao

8. Korea Blockchain Institute held a graduate ceremony for trainees of the 2019 Intensive Development of Innovative Young Talents course

9. Software Director Mr. Yin participated in the meeting for formulation of China’s National Blockchain Standard in Shenzhen

10. Medical Waste Supervision Platform built by Silictec’s subsidiary Xiamen IOT Technology and Neusoft HIFLY was exhibited at The 2nd China Hospital Internet of Things Conference 2019

11. TagBrasil visited Waltonchain to discuss Blockchain + IoT cooperation in Brazil

12. Deputy Secretary of Shandong Province Government and leaders from several universities visited Korea Blockchain Institute for promotion of blockchain education in Shandong Province

13. Government officials from Huanggu District, Shenyang City visited Shenzhen Blockchain Industry Alliance (SZBIA) and Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silictec to learn about Blockchain + IoT solutions

14. Mo Bing delivered a speech at the 2019 Nanshan Blockchain Application Association Annual Seminar held in Shenzhen

15. Delegation from Foshan Municipal Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association visited Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silictec to learn about Blockchain + IoT solutions to empower real economy

16. Waltonchain’s Christmas event on OKEx (Dec. 18–25) completed

17. Mo Bing delivered a speech on the meeting of Shenzhen Blockchain Industry Alliance (SZBIA) held on Dec. 27

Walton Chain Foundation Expenses (Q4 2019)

As of December 31, 2019, the total expenses of Walton Chain Foundation in Q4 2019 are 30,002 WTC and the balance is 10,762,547 WTC.

1. Waltonchain Global Ecosystem Incubation Fund: 


Spent: 2 WTC

Balance as of December 31: 9,057,849 WTC

Expense items: testing.

2. Waltonchain HR Fund:


Spent: 30,000 WTC

Balance as of December 31: 337,445 WTC

Expense items: project labor cost coverage