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As of October 1, 2019, the total expenses of Walton Chain Foundation in Q3 2019 are 940,323 WTC and the balance is 10,792,549 WTC.

Expense details by accounts:

1. Waltonchain Global Ecosystem Incubation Fund: 0x309a272885bdeA62d99c4E32E40bEe93A3cCef6a

Spent: 464,623 WTC

Balance as of October 1: 9,057,851 WTC

Expense items:

Hardware deployment, software development and maintenance for the DMTC child chain project; development, pre-research and testing for new child chain projects.

2. Waltonchain R&D Fund: 0xE12E727deE902CBB27227F924003Dd421210cBB5

Spent: 130,000 WTC

Balance as of October 1: 389,050 WTC

Expense items:

The 2nd audit of the code of Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet; token swap; development and upgrading of software systems of KIRINMINER Mall, Blue Paper app, KirinPool (including testing, audit, office supplies and equipment depreciation besides HR expenses; server and network fees); RFID chip testing and function optimization; development of auxiliary handheld RFID reader-writer and fixed reader-writer.

3. Waltonchain Marketing Fund: 0x188616e2D481d17190655B8112250912139fB118

Spent: 115,700 WTC

Balance as of October 1: 496,667 WTC

Expense items:

Waltonchain offline exhibitions and online events; token swap preparation and activities on exchanges (token swap started on October 15, 2019); marketing of business applications; autonomous community incentives, community activities and material expenses.

4. Waltonchain HR Fund: 0x511fb75A1E1526A3732a49e90d35D84d785f4F1B

Spent: 130,000 WTC

Balance as of October 1: 367,445 WTC

Expense items:

Project labor cost coverage

5. Waltonchain Operations Fund: 0x2B2267eCb305f81573058487f64393BA03191d80

Spent: 50,000 WTC

Balance as of October 1: 432,598 WTC

Expense items:

Space rent and administrative costs

6. Other Fund: 0xa3fb24D930C89eaB1ad7B8149dbaA9c99a029251

Spent: 50,000 WTC

Balance as of October 1: 48,938 WTC

Expense items:

Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet miner payouts in Q3 (advanced by the Foundation); emergency reserve.