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1. Mainnet Upgrade:

· optimized mainnet data transmission to support higher child chain throughput; improved data transmission reliability to meet the demands of the ecosystem with numerous child chains;

· adjusted the average mainnet block generation rate to stay within 30 ± 0.5 s.

2. Token Swap:

Continued communication with exchanges for token swap (WTC mainnet token swap started on October 15).

KirinPool Upgrade

· KirinPool mining mode change from SOLO to PPLNS;

· added sub-account management;

· added hash rate curve in statistics;

· added mainnet data query.


KIRINMINER Mall was launched on July 17. Users can enjoy the following rewards and benefits:

· Sign up to get WTC;

· SMN and GMN identity activation to enjoy an exclusive discount.

DMTC Airdrop

In recognition of the support from the Waltonchain’s global community, Walton Chain Foundation launched an airdrop of 1,700,000 DMTC (equivalent to USD 100,000) to users who hold 5,000+ WTC.



1. Mining payout for individual miners

To improve global miner rewards on Waltonchain, shorten the ROI period and reduce mining risk, Walton Chain Foundation started ERC-20 token payout in exchange for the WTC mined by individual miners (outside KirinPool) at 1:1 ratio each Friday in Q3;

2. Sales and shipping of KIRINMINER Batch 2;

3. KIRINMINER firmware upgrade: v5–12

· KIRINMINER instability solved;

· encrypted access to KIRINMINER and KIRINMINER Monitor System adjusted.


· FPGA test of fullmask chip completed;

· Overall performance and area optimization ongoing;

· Dual-frequency tag design preparation ongoing.

Blockchain Data Collection Terminal

Cost-reduction design and development ongoing

Fixed RFID Reader-Writer

Schematic diagram design and structural design ongoing

BD & Operations


1. Walton Chain Technology (Korea) cooperates with Smart C&I to promote Smart City programs in China and Southeast Asia;

2. Waltonchain will provide technology for the implementation of the first Smart Chain City in Latin America — Polo Multimodal Pecém;

3. Walton Blockchain Institute and Geeks Academy signed MoU in education;

4. LOVEONLY INC. and Waltonchain signed a cooperation agreement to promote the development of the diamond traceability ecosystem.

Waltonchain Announced Team Token Lockup Extension for 6 Months:

The Waltonchain project has developed rapidly in the past two years since July 2017. Team members have made a great contribution to the promotion of Waltonchain ecosystem development. The original lockup period for the team’s tokens has terminated, therefore team members of Waltonchain have decided to extend it for 6 months. The original lockup period terminated at 00:00 on July 18, 2019, while it has been extended till January 2020. After the extended lockup period terminates in January 2020, the monthly released amount will not exceed 10% of the total lockup amount (or the lockup period may be extended again).

Waltonchain Team Token Airdrop and Burn Plan:

Based on the current R&D progress as well as confidence and firm determination to achieve the vision of Waltonchain, the Waltonchain team has decided to give more than a half of the team’s locked-up 10,000,000 WTC to the community through a series of airdrops and burns. The total airdrop and burn amount will be 5,200,000 WTC.

Waltonchain Joined the SlowMist Zone and Launched a Vulnerability Bounty Program with a Maximum Reward of $10,000:

In order to further improve the public blockchain ecosystem defense index, Waltonchain entered the SlowMist Zone and launched the Security Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Bounty Program. The highest reward for finding serious vulnerabilities is $10,000!

Waltonchain Announced WTC Buyback and Burn Plan; Round 001 Completed:

On July 30, 2019, the Waltonchain team announced the USD 50 million long-term WTC buyback and burn plan to promote the sustainable development of the Waltonchain ecosystem. The Waltonchain ecosystem comprises KIRINMINER, KirinPool, child chains, chips (RFID, IR), Waltonchain Box, etc. The Waltonchain team plans to take out a part of the Waltonchain ecosystem income to buy back and burn WTC.

Round 001 was performed on August 15–23, 2019. A total of 8,539.5 WTC was bought back, 49,899.9 TUSD were sent out, and 108,539.5 WTC were burnt.

Waltonchain Participated in The 5th Shenzhen International Modern Green Agriculture Expo:

On August 29–31, Silictec supported by Waltonchain and DMTC participated in The 5th Shenzhen International Modern Green Agriculture Expo to exhibit the smart agriculture management system, traceability solution, traceability equipment, etc.

Waltonchain Participated in Smart City Alliance Forum 2019:

On Sep. 3, Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing delivered a speech Policies & Opportunities in China-Korea Smart City Cooperation at Smart City Alliance Forum 2019 held in South Korea to explore and create new business solutions through cooperation between private enterprises and institutions.

Government Officials from the Ministry of Commerce and SEC of Cambodia Visited Waltonchain:

In the afternoon of September 13, 2019, H.E. Buon Sarakmony, Vice Minister of Commerce of Cambodia, H.E. Sou Socheat, Chairman of SEC of Cambodia, and H.E. Seang Thirith, Vice Chairman of SEC of Cambodia, visited Waltonchain. Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing presented Waltonchain’s chips, sensors and other hardware devices to the Cambodian representatives, and showed the convenient shopping experience of the Smart Micromarket. The technical and operational capabilities of Waltonchain was highly praised by the Cambodian representatives; and the two sides reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

Waltonchain Participated in China-Brazil Seminar on Innovation in Services and Commerce as a Keynote Speaker:

In the afternoon of September 12, 2019, the 1st China-Brazil Seminar on Innovation in Services and Commerce was held in Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil, where Waltonchain Brazil CEO Ling Jianbo delivered a speech.

Waltonchain Kirin Mascot Naming Bounty Launched:

Hundreds of creative names of the mascot were received from community supporters. KiWa won the excellence award after voting.

Walton Blockchain Institute Was Renamed to Korea Blockchain Institute:

Since 2018, Walton Blockchain Institute has participated in many blockchain talent training projects supported by South Korea government, including the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSICT), the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Seoul municipal government and Seocho District government etc. In response to the demand in blockchain talents in Industry 4.0, at the end of September 2019, Walton Blockchain Institute obtained formal authorization from MSICT to rename to Korea Blockchain Institute for better development.