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Dear KIRINMINER users,

To improve KIRINMINER stability and enhance user experience, KIRINMINER firmware will be upgraded from v5-11 to v5-12.

New functions:

1. KIRINMINER instability solved;

2. Encrypted access to KIRINMINER and KIRINMINER Monitor System adjusted.

Operation Instruction:

1. Open, go to Tool Download and download the One-click Upgrading Tool (v5-12);

2. Save the One-click Upgrading Tool to your local disk and run it;

3. When the Tool is running, IP range of your computer will be detected. It can be modified manually. If the IP is correct, click the “Upgrade” button to upgrade your KIRINMINER;

4. If the Current Version is v5-12 after upgrading, the upgrading has been successful.


1. In no case will Waltonchain ask for your wallet, KIRINPOOL or KIRINMINER information first. Stay alert to fraud!

2. To ensure the safety of your WTC, we ask all users to follow official announcements only. DO NOT trust any unofficial sources.

Waltonchain Team

October 12, 2019