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Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

Previously, mining rewards at KirinPool ( were advanced by Walton Chain Foundation and regularly sent out to ERC-20 addresses of miners to ensure timely reception.

From the date of this announcement, mining rewards send-out and mainnet token exchange at KirinPool shall be advanced by the Waltonchain Ecosystem Development Fund and distributed to the official smart contract address. ERC-20 WTC shall be released to KirinPool miners through the smart contract. The advanced WTC shall be returned to the Waltonchain Ecosystem Development Fund after the completion of the mainnet token swap.

1. Address of the Waltonchain Ecosystem Development Fund (ICO Balance): 0xbc77901Baf141Be56BC549332D404BaDe6bE64ba

2. Smart contract address for mining rewards distribution: 0x4b0197047de3441ed7349081f8a8c13b54070c28

3. Release period for mining rewards: twice per week (the total miner payout on August 21: 31,790.46 WTC)


1. To ensure safety of your WTC, we ask all users to follow the official announcement only and DO NOT trust any unofficial sources.

2. In no case will Waltonchain ask for your wallet information first. Stay alert to fraud!

Walton Chain Foundation

August 21, 2019