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A Letter to Waltonchain Supporters 2018-12-19

Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

Thank you for your continued support for the Waltonchain team. As of today, Waltonchain has 18 SMNs, 2281 MNs (including 1563 GMNs) and 25,477 WTC accounts (excluding personal accounts on exchange platforms). Our nodes spread over 59 countries globally. Every day we receive messages with all kinds of valuable suggestions for Waltonchain development from our supporters. It is your continuous supervision that always reminds us that Waltonchain still has a long journey to go and a lot to be done.

Waltonchain is an enterprise jointly operated by the global users. Our product is both software and hardware. Our core concept is that we use the product to expand our market, gain profit, achieve WTC circulation and thus establish a virtuous cycle. Detours and errors are common in this process; however, we implement it step by step and will not be hindered by small setbacks. Waltonchain mainnet is about to go open source, our software is ready and our hardware enters mass production. Waltonchain is just about to enter the rapid development phase.

Blockchain is decentralized, so Waltonchain has to be decentralized, or multicentralized, as well. Our first step is comprehensive promotion of community autonomy in 2019. Walton Chain Foundation will encourage global users to join the Waltonchain community and accelerate the parent-child-chain ecosystem construction. The second step is operation autonomy. When the mainnet is open source, every qualified individual or enterprise can become a manufacturer and supplier of hardware and software products in the Waltonchain ecosystem to jointly promote the circulation and appreciation of WTC.

It seems to us that you are not just “supporters”. You are rather Waltonchain “builders”; and the common cause brings us together. Although the cryptocurrency market in 2018 can be described as terrible, we remain strong.

Warren Buffett once said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” And regarding the market fall, he also said, “…we welcome lower market prices of stocks we own as an opportunity to acquire even more of a good thing at a better price”.

Therefore, our dear friends, the real battle has just begun!

Mo Bing

Waltonchain CEO

December 19, 2018