We are pleased to inform the community that we have made our next step towards fiat/$WTC exchange. Explore Simex (https://simex.global/en) from Las Vegas, the #1 platform in the Russian-speaking areas by trading volume, #26 exchange on CMC.

Simex is a multi-functional online international digital asset management, investment and trading platform. In addition to features designed to appeal to traders, the platform allows fundraisers, including traditional businesses and developers of crypto-currencies, to conduct private offerings including initial coin offerings (ICO). The software includes features which allow clients to organize investment activities utilizing smart contracts and tokens in conformance with the latest Ethereum ERC20 protocols. Any equities or other forms of investments initially offered through the platform will be quoted on the platform’s secondary market. To date, the platform has only been made available to a limited number of individuals outside of the United States.
In addition to the features customarily associated with asset management, the platform has other features designed to allow users to communicate with other platform users. Communication can be in the form of instant messages.

The platform is intended to facilitate users’ management of basic cash functions, including transfers between their own accounts and to accounts of third parties, drawdowns from linked debit cards and payments to third parties using debit cards. In development is a P2P feature which will allow users to lend to or borrow from each other. All of these features are currently available online and through a mobile version.

To create business ecosystem integrating blockchain with loT.

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