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Silictec subsidiary Yiwan Site Cooperates with Neusoft on Campus Data Security 2019-04-03

On April 2, Yiwan Site (a subsidiary of Silictec, Waltonchain’s technical supporter) and Neusoft Group (SSE: 600718) signed a cooperation agreement. The partners will utilize advanced blockchain technology to build a campus information verification system and maintain campus data security. Yiwan Site will provide solutions and technical support to Neusoft.

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Waltonchain CEO, Silictec Chairman of the Board Mr. Mo Bing (third from the right) and Neusoft Key Account Division GM Mr. Wang Yingzhe (third from the left) at the agreement signing ceremony

Campus data security has always been attracting extensive attention. Neusoft also pays much attention to development in this field, especially to the original study and teaching activity records. Based on the tamper protection of blockchain, Yiwan Site provides a campus information verification system to solve this problem. The system calculates the unique fingerprint of the original data and stores it on blockchain permanently, making tampering impossible.

Campus information verification system is authoritative and greatly saves human costs and social resources. When the authenticity of any data stored in the system is questioned, the system can accurately determine whether the data is tampered with according to fingerprint comparison. When an employer applies for a certificate of graduate’s performance at school, the system provides the respective evidence to prove whether the graduate’s data is credible, so as to accurately and comprehensively evaluate the candidate.

As the first listed software company and the largest offshore software and service outsourcing provider in China, Neusoft has been committed to the promotion of social development and reform, creating new lifestyle for individuals and value for the society. It is also the first Chinese software company with CMM5 and CMMI (V1.2) level 5 certification. Neusoft’s core business includes industry solutions, product engineering solutions and related software products, platforms and services. Among them, industry solutions can be applied to multiple product engineering fields such as telecommunications, power industry, finance, government, manufacturing, commercial circulation, healthcare, public health, etc.

“In today’s complex data environment, it’s hard to ensure data security and authenticity. This cooperation with Yiwan Site on campus data security enriches the existing industry solutions of Neusoft and broadens their future application field. At the same time, with the help of blockchain, we can set up authoritative industry benchmarks to better promote the development of campus data security,” said Neusoft Key Account Division GM Mr. Wang Yingzhe.
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Agreement signing ceremony participants

“Blockchain market has enormous development potential. The tamper-protected nature of blockchain helps ensure that data has one source and is immutable. Blockchain basically eliminates the possibility of campus data fraud or alteration. Agreement signing marks the development of Yiwan Site and recognition of blockchain technology by Neusoft. Together with Neusoft we will achieve a superimposed effect and develop a broader blockchain market.,” said Waltonchain CEO, Silictec Chairman of the Board Mr. Mo Bing

Yiwan Site and Neusoft will be committed to integrating their technological advantages, markets and resources, further enhancing their core industry competitiveness and promoting the sound development of the blockchain industry. Waltonchain believes that this new strategic partnership can give full play to the advantages of both sides, help build campus data security and enhance information credibility with the authority of blockchain. The application of blockchain in the new field is yet another great step forward for the ecosystem globalization strategy of Waltonchain.

Editor’s Note:

Yiwan Site:

Established in Aug 2017, Yiwan Site (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the provision of blockchain + industry application consulting and customized application services. It aims to become a leading blockchain + industry enterprise to promote the overall business layout of blockchain. Over 90% of Yiwan Site staff are blockchain developers. Its headquarters are located in Shenzhen, the Chinese city of science and innovation. Silicon (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Silictec) is its sole shareholder. Yiwan Site has an R&D base in Nanjing, the central city of East China, and holds strategic shares in Shanghai Zhongyan Jiuyi Technology Co., Ltd. (invested by Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy Of Sciences) and China Northeast Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.


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