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Waltonchain & Ascent Networks Signed a Cooperation Agreement 2019-04-02

On March 27, Waltonchain and Ascent Networks entered a strategic cooperation to expand ListeningMind, the global B2B blockchain project, into the Chinese market.

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ListeningMind is a marketing data services project. Basing on the blockchain technology and token economics, it analyzes data obtained by Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Ving, Yandex, Naver and a panel group using AI and helps enterprises make reasonable decisions on market strategy and implementation according to the analysis.

Ascent Networks was established in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. It is a professional data carrier marketing enterprise. It mainly helps international brands in the smartphone, automobile, tourism and garment industry develop and implement marketing strategies based on search data. Recently, it has joined a global consulting project for new products of Samsung Electronics.

“Waltonchain has outstanding achievements and technical strength in China’s fashion and IoT field. The cooperation agreement with Waltonchain ensures the accuracy of offline consumer behavior patterns, information collection and analysis. It is also a springboard for ListeningMind to enter the Chinese market. Chinese market will become more important for multinational companies in the future. Chinese enterprises will also become the main customers of ListeningMind. Cooperation with Waltonchain is of great significance for the ListeningMind project development,” said Ascent Networks representative Mr. Kim Jihoon.
“Waltonchain has been focusing on the ListeningMind project since July 2018. It obtains potential customer behavior data from search data and our panel project, and then uses AI for analysis to provide data and insight services for enterprises. Through cooperation with major international brands, we have confirmed the value of ListeningMind’s data and insight services. We will actively assist ListeningMind in their expansion to the Chinese market and will recommend it to international brands in China,” said Vice GM of Walton Chain Technology Co., Ltd (Korea) Mr. Zhao Haiming.


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