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WTBI Hosted the 2nd Employment Seminar 2019-03-01

On February 28, 2019, the 2nd Employment Seminar was held at the Walton Blockchain Institute campus in Seocho, Seoul. The event included the 1st semester graduation ceremony of the Institute and Korea Standards Association’s common blockchain specialist course.

The 1st batch of 56 students enrolled last September has finished the Integrated Training Course on Innovative Growth for Professionals by the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea. The course provides 6-month training in theory and practice of business model development.

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Representatives of EZFARM, EBC Foundation, IDEACOMES, imToken, CoinBene, Block Inside, BCT1 and illunex were invited to the event to introduce themselves and interview the graduates.

“A Social Trading Platform Based on Smart Contracts” won the Innovative Award, while “A Security Inspection System Based on Hyperledger Blockchain” and “A Pet Sales System Using a Private Chain” ranked the second and third, respectively.

“The students’ business ideas are very original and specific. Several of them, including the award winning ones, can be put into production after just little tweaking”, said Lee Gi Hyeok, President of Korean FIDO Industry Forum who was responsible for the examination.

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Among the 56 graduates, 9 successfully found jobs at the 1st Employment Seminar held last month. Including the 2 persons who found jobs at large enterprises during the training period, 11 graduates were successfully employed so far. We expect that after the Seminar the graduates’ employment rate will be very high.

To assist the graduates during the first phase of employment, Seocho Employment Center also gave a lecture on how to participate in interviews, including one-on-one interviews, and on self-introduction methods.

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“At the Employment Seminar, we proved that competitiveness and potential of our first graduates are excellent. In the future, we will cooperate with the Employment Center to provide support and entrepreneurial opportunities, and also actively attract investment for entrepreneurial assistance,” said Secretary-General of Walton Blockchain Institute Mr. Do Sang Hyuk.

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Walton Blockchain Institute encourages the first graduates to play a central role in the future of the blockchain industry.