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On January 10, President of Walton Blockchain Institute Mr. Kong Jong Ryul and Chairman of Korea FinTech Industry Association Network Alliance (K-FiNNeT) Mr. Hong Jun Yeong reached a cooperation agreement on joint cultivation of blockchain talents.

Chairman of K-FiNNeT Mr. Hong Jun Yeong (left) and President of Walton Blockchain Institute Mr. Kong Jong Ryul (right) during the agreement signing

The partners will establish cooperation mechanisms for the development of blockchain-related educational content and the relevant support, investment and blockchain talent employment resources for startup incubation.

Their first cooperation project is setting up the Blockchain Startup Unicorn Training Course. The course is mainly targeted at startups; it launches professional blockchain education and the relevant studies for customized consulting projects. The partners also decided to jointly hold relevant blockchain conferences, seminars, employment fairs and other respective activities.

“K-FiNNeT has been committed to cultivating fintech and blockchain talents; and we are pleased to cooperate with Walton Blockchain Institute recognized by the Ministry of Science and ICT to lay a solid foundation for cultivating high-level talents,” Mr. Hong said.

“At present, the shortage of professional blockchain developers is huge; there are only about 1,500 of them. In the next three years, 150,000 professional blockchain developers should be trained urgently in order to create more than 300 outstanding professional blockchain startups,” Mr. Hong added.

President of Walton Blockchain Institute Mr. Kong underlined: “Talents are the fundamental element for all new trends. To effectively embrace the Industry 4.0, South Korean government should provide not only funds for re-education of the existing industrial talents, but also living allowance to make the education affordable.

Walton Blockchain Institute is a professional non-profit blockchain educational consortium in South Korea. After the authorization by the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea, Walton Blockchain Institute has been selected the 2019 New Educational Organization of the Ministry of Employment and Labor of Korea. The Institute will provide public education for both job seekers and incumbent employees in South Korea.

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